IRC Logs, May 26 2009

0) What's up
1) Road map update
2) Dual meeting

jdeolive: 0) what's up
***jdeolive has been catching up on outstanding jdbc-ng work and patches
***aaime has been putting togheter a relase and is know fiddling with wms and memory consumption
***funky_c needs to file some bugs on style and store deletion.
***groldan working on various arcsde and gt-wfs patches to apply, right now figuring out why it takes so long for a wfs request to start streaming, catching up on some UI stuff, going to stress test arcsde gce over the week
jdeolive: groldan: i have some thoughts about the high setup cost, i have been looking at encoder performance recently
groldan: btw, the UI does not have a setting to change the output strategy, does it?
aaime: never had, no
groldan: jdeolive, cool, can we catch up after the meeting?
jdeolive: groldan: sounds good
groldan: thanks
jdeolive: moving on
jdeolive: 1) road map
jdeolive: i just upated for the road map for beta 2
jdeolive: Andrea made some additions for beta2, and for 1.7.5
jdeolive: as discussed on the mailing list
jdeolive: any other major additoins?
sigq: Title: Roadmap - GeoServer (at
aaime: nope
aaime: are all of those new feature really scheduled?
aaime: (
sigq: Title: Issue Navigator - (at
funky_c: jdeolive: I'll have some deletion bugs in the next couple hours.
jdeolive: aaime: probably not
jdeolive: beta2 will need to be pruned down
aaime: that too
jdeolive: funky_c: cool, sounds good, feel free to schedule them against beta2 and make them blockers
jdeolive: unless you think its not appropriate
funky_c: Ya, def.
jdeolive: cool
jdeolive: so jira for beta2 needs some love
jdeolive: i can try to get to that today or tomorrow
jdeolive: unless of course someone else wants to
aaime: be my guest
jdeolive: agerber, dwins: does the stuff you guys are working on need to show up on the road map?
jdeolive: or is it already one
jdeolive: aaime: thanks
jdeolive: already one = already on
dwins: it is not on the roadmap. however, it will probably need to remain a community module for a while
dwins: having it integrate properly with geoserver will be a fairly tall order
groldan: che, jdeolive, the arcsde gce fix may worth being mentioned
sigq: Title: GEOS-2748 SDE Raster issue - image shifted - (at
groldan: (sorry for getting back to 1.7.5, was lurking around issues)
jdeolive: dwins: cool, thanks for the update
jdeolive: groldan: cool
aaime: out of curiosity, what is it that dwins is working on?
dwins: i am not working on geoserver this week, it is all javascript
aaime: You mentioned a community module above?
jdeolive: dwins: i think aaime is referring to the community you speak of
dwins: aaime: I am talking about the printing service that we discussed at last week's meeting
aaime: mapfish integration
dwins: yes
aaime: ok, I see
aaime: I'm courious to see how that is evolving
aaime: any way I can be kept in the loop?
dwins: yes, i've been meaning to talk to alan about sending status updates to the respective mailing lists
jdeolive: agerber: feel free to chime in with an update of what you have been up to
jdeolive: continuing on
jdeolive: a date for beta2 needs to be set
jdeolive: thoughts on that?
jdeolive: 2 weeks?
agerber: jdeolive: nominally i've been working on putting together mapfish printing functionality as a module for geoserver
aaime: jdeolive, wans't beta2 already scheduled?
agerber: jdeolive: but much of my time the last week has been getting a grip on various gis concepts and how geoserver's put together and the infrastructure supporting it
jdeolive: agerber: cool, how is it progressing? anything interesting to report, or are you still tackling that far too steep geoserver learning curve?
jdeolive: agerber: gotcha
jdeolive: aaime: in jira... let me check
aaime: I used that date to discuss complex features integration, tutorial and so on
aaime: I believe it was June 15
jdeolive: aaime: yup
jdeolive: how does that sound to anyone any objections?
agerber: jdeolive: i think i'm nearer the top of the learning curve, and hopefully might make something build in the next couple days
aaime: works for me
bj0rn2 [] è entrato nel canale.
aaime: errr.... 1.7.5 next week?
aaime: ouch
jdeolive: aaime: that was a date just thrown out by me, there was noone with a hard deadline to have that
jdeolive: so we can easily push that back
jdeolive: agerber: cool, thanks for the update
aaime: well, if we want to keep the WMS changes in it would be better to have the reelase date pushed away at least one week
aaime: so that people other than me can check them
jdeolive: sounds good, lets propose a push back
juliatorti [] è entrato nel canale.
aaime: otherwise, let's keep the release date and let's integrate them in 1.7.6 (if we have that release in mind)
jdeolive: either or for me
jdeolive: since 1.7.x is pretty stable at this point, i think we can lower the frequency of releases
jdeolive: to every couple of months
jdeolive: but that is just me
aaime: agreed
aaime: let's propose that on the mailing list?
jdeolive: sure, i will roll that into the road map update
aaime: look at this:
sigq: Title: Browse Version - (at
aaime: atm we have only 11 fixes for 1.7.5
jdeolive: haha
jdeolive: then yeah, i would say lets push back indeed
aaime: anyways, let's hear the PSC at a large on the ml
jdeolive: sounds good
jdeolive: is that it for the road map?
aaime: I guess so
jdeolive: 2) Dual meeting
jdeolive: aaime: ?
aaime: Right, jgarnett has been proposing to have an earlier meeting
aaime: where australian people can participate
aaime: I wanted to check how people feel about this
jdeolive: cool, taht will work well for me in july
aaime: lol
jdeolive: for june that will be hard as I will back to MST
jdeolive: but depends on what time
aaime: the time was not setup
aaime: I can be on both meetings if the eaarly one is 8-10 hours before this one
aaime: anyways, whoever is there
aaime: the idea was to save the logs and pick up the topics again in the second meeting
aaime: to coordinate them better it may be a good idea to decide by mail the day before what the topics would be
aaime: so that the two meetings can discuss the same
jdeolive: sounds good to me
aaime: Ok, I'll send a mail to the ml and see how this works out
jdeolive: sounds good
jdeolive: anything else for meeting topics?
aaime: hmmm... nope?

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