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Jun 09, 2009
Jun 01, 2009

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0) What's up
1) Roadmap
2) MVN site generation
3) Chart extension

jdeolive: 0) what's up
[10:15am] lasma is away: Gone away for now
[10:15am] aaime went to the zoo with family and he's not relaxing by fixing a few bugs
[10:15am] jdeolive fixing some restconfig bugs
[10:16am] jdeolive thinks it is quiet... a bit too quiet
[10:17am] aaime agrees
[10:18am] groldan joined the chat room.
[10:18am] aaime: groldan, meeting just started
[10:19am] aaime: "what's up" is the current topic
[10:19am] groldan: Hi sorry I'm late. Stayed woke up late lastnight helping sophia with some arcsde stuff
[10:19am] funky_c needs to research more things to test; figure out what's changed.
[10:20am] groldan is looking for what wicket UI issues to tackle today, have been helping with some arcsde export stuff and fixing UI bugs
[10:20am] groldan is also gonna be back to contract work this week
[10:21am] simboss: simboss: playing with modules inherited on gt-trunk
[10:21am] jdeolive: cool
[10:21am] jdeolive: 1) road map
[10:21am] jdeolive:
[10:21am] sigq: Title: Roadmap - GeoServer (at
[10:21am] jdeolive: so as aaime mentioned on the mailing list there are lots of issues for 1.7.5
[10:21am] aaime: yeah
[10:21am] jdeolive: so we shoud probably try to prioritize the important ones
[10:21am] jdeolive: and push back the rest
[10:21am] aaime: indeed
[10:22am] jdeolive: so... anyone want to bring up issues they think are important and/or they want to fix for 1.7.5
[10:22am] aaime: (important, or very quick to fix )
[10:22am] jdeolive:
[10:22am] sigq: Title: Issue Navigator - (at
[10:22am] jdeolive: aaime: good point, low hanging fruit is good too
[10:23am] aaime: GESO-2316 and GEOS-2011 do not look very critical to me
[10:23am] jdeolive: oops, wrong list
[10:23am] jdeolive:
[10:23am] sigq: Title: Issue Navigator - (at
[10:24am] groldan: that seems to be 2.0beta2
[10:24am] jdeolive: aaime: agreed, should be push back to 2.x?
[10:24am] aaime: yeah
[10:24am] aaime: jdeolive, shouldn't the list be:
[10:24am] sigq: Title: Issue Navigator - (at
[10:25am] jdeolive: doh... sorry, tried to paste that one
[10:26am] aaime: Other issues I'd like to fix:,,,
[10:26am] aaime:
[10:26am] sigq: Title: GEOS-2782 MaxFeatures equal to Integer.MAX_VALUE not disgarded when requesting multiple layers - (at
[10:26am] aaime: This one looks annoying pesky as well:
[10:26am] sigq: Title: GEOS-2770 FeatureType folder does not get deleted if it contains schema.xml and/or schema.xsd - (at
[10:27am] aaime: (annoying was meant to replace pesky... whatever)
[10:27am] aaime: is related to some recent Tike fixes, isn't it?
[10:27am] sigq: Title: GEOS-2269 exception should be thrown when user tries to submit a gml:Surface or gml:Curve in a WFS transaction - (at
[10:27am] jdeolive: cool, aaime want to up the priority on those to critical in order to prioritize?
[10:28am] aaime: yeah, thought some of the above fall more in the "ashamed to be there and does not look hard to fix" category
[10:28am] aaime: more than in "the world will stop if we don't fix those" one
[10:28am] aaime: but yeah, we just have priority to categorize
[10:29am] jdeolive: yeah
[10:30am] jdeolive: so perhaps people should go through and up the priority of things they want to fix?
[10:30am] jdeolive: and we can go from there?
[10:30am] groldan: this one seems to fall into andrea's category too:
[10:30am] sigq: Title: GEOS-2703 Completely wipe out the "schema base" drop down from the feature type editor - (at
[10:30am] aaime: jdeolive, works for me
[10:30am] jdeolive: maybe reply to teh road map update mail with the ones that have been upped?
[10:30am] aaime: groldan, yeah, there are two html things that are still lingering
[10:30am] aaime: that should not be visiable
[10:30am] CIA-21: aaime * r12536 /trunk/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs): GEOS-2790, Cannot download WCS outputs coverages generated with store=true
[10:31am] aaime: (and they are out of proper layout too, which makes them more visible)
[10:31am] groldan: what's the other one?
[10:31am] aaime: two html elements I mean
[10:31am] Bojan left the chat room.
[10:34am] aaime: jdeolive, shall we move on
[10:34am] aaime: or we re-prioritize issues now?
[10:34am] jdeolive: sure, so if everyone could scan through jira at some point and prioritize that would be great
[10:34am] jdeolive: moving on
[10:34am] jdeolive: 2) mvn site
[10:34am] jdeolive: aaime?
[10:34am] aaime: yeah, I was wondering if
[10:35am] aaime: people had a look at the site I geneated for GeoTools, and if the same could be useful for geoserver as well
[10:35am] aaime: (and if so, if we should schedule site generation in hudson)
[10:35am] jdeolive: aaime: do you have teh link handy? scanning through the gt devel list...
[10:36am] aaime:
[10:36am] sigq: Title: Geotools 2 - About (at
[10:36am] sonicx_ left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)
[10:36am] jdeolive: thanks
[10:36am] aaime: and here is a sample set of reports:
[10:36am] sigq: Title: Geotools 2 - Generated Reports (at
[10:37am] jdeolive: yeah, i think this would be great for geoserver
[10:37am] aaime: which is the (only imho) interesting part of the site
[10:37am] aaime: if we do that, we should setup a place where the generated site is going to be published
[10:37am] aaime: and then I can give a crack to site generation
[10:38am] jdeolive: sounds good... maybe we can talk to arne about setting up a or something
[10:39am] aaime: or we can just copy everytihng into the nightly section
[10:39am] aaime: the site is going to be useful to devs mostly anyways no?
[10:39am] aaime: (this would make for a simple local file copy, wouldn't it?)
[10:40am] groldan left the chat room. (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:40am] jdeolive: sure, that works fine too
[10:40am] aaime: I see there are quite a bit of documentation tasks open for 1.7.5 too
[10:41am] Topic changed to "0) what's up 1) road map 2) mvn site 3) chart module" by aaime.
[10:41am] aaime:
[10:41am] jdeolive: yeah... i was actually thinking i would put a couple of days toward doc tasks
[10:41am] aaime: a couple of days.. this week
[10:41am] aaime: (release is scheduled for Monday)
[10:42am] jdeolive: yeah, this week
[10:42am] jdeolive: but i guess if some docs slide in late that won't be a show stopper, can always update hte doc artifact
[10:43am] groldan joined the chat room.
[10:43am] aaime: well, site wise, I guess I'll ask on the list too
[10:44am] aaime: to see how other devs feel (for the mometn we have two +1)
[10:44am] jdeolive: cool
[10:45am] aaime: let's move to the next topic?
[10:45am] jdeolive: sounds good
[10:45am] jdeolive: 3) chart module
[10:45am] aaime: wondering how to include it in the release
[10:46am] aaime: official package, or we just link it from the blog
[10:46am] aaime: or... what?
[10:46am] jdeolive: is there an extension for it?
[10:46am] aaime: what is the way to include in the release a package that is not an extension
[10:47am] aaime: jdeolive, you suggested to make it distributed as unsupported or something
[10:47am] aaime: that's why I'm asking
[10:47am] jdeolive: right, sorry just trying to jog my memory
[10:47am] jdeolive: so how does it live right now? community module?
[10:47am] aaime: it's a build profile
[10:47am] aaime: there is no need for a module
[10:47am] aaime: since it provides a SPI extension
[10:48am] aaime: so it's more or less like a datastore dependency
[10:48am] jdeolive: so only a geotools lib?
[10:48am] aaime: yeah
[10:48am] jdeolive: yeah, i would say still an extension like we do for other ones
[10:48am] jdeolive: but for this time around
[10:48am] jdeolive: we can just do it up manually if we don't want to do up the full extension, we have done it in teh past
[10:49am] jdeolive: but i would say eventually an extension which contains the proper profile woudl be the way to go
[10:49am] aaime: I'm ok to make the proper extension module
[10:49am] aaime: which in fact would just contain deps
[10:49am] jdeolive: cool, i would say lets go that route
[10:49am] aaime: ok
[10:50am] aaime: I guess this is it?
[10:50am] aaime: anything else?
[10:50am] jdeolive: cool
[10:51am] jdeolive: someone on the logs?
[10:51am] groldan: about a deps only extension
[10:51am] groldan: what hapens if we set the pom's packaging to pom instead of jar?
[10:52am] groldan: does that still work and we avoid having an empty jar for the extension itself?
[10:52am] jdeolive: i don't think that works, but would have to verify
[10:52am] jdeolive: what i suggest doing instead is just not picking up the empty jar in the release artifact desciriptor

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