Community support

The GeoServer community utilizes multiple channels of communication. This page should help you find the channel best suited for your needs.

Mailing Lists

Email is the primary form of communication for GeoServer users and developers. Being an open community means that sending email to an individual developer is discouraged. Instead all email communication should take place on the email lists. If you have a question are chances are someone else has the same question.

If you are not in position to communicate in public please contact one of our commercial support vendors.

Responsible Disclosure of Security Issues

If you encounter a security vulnerability in GeoServer please take care to report in a responsible fashion:

  • Keep exploit details out of mailing list and issue tracker (send details to
  • Be prepared to work with Project Steering Committee (PSC) members on a solution
  • Keep in mind PSC members are volunteers and an extensive fix may require fundraising / resources

Please send a mail directly to (moderated list with no possibility to subscribe, please just send directly to the address, the mail will be evaluated and eventually posted) and provide information about the security issue you might have found there.

User List

This list is for end users of the GeoServer software and focused on topics related to normal GeoServer usage. While it's focused mainly about GeoServer itself it is also encouraged for users to post about topics around GeoServer, such as implementations of projects on top of GeoServer.
Do not report security vulnerabilities here. See the Responsible disclosure instructions above.

  • Sign up to geoserver-users email list on Source Forge. After subscribing you can post at
    GeoServer activities follow the OSGeo code of conduct, in addition please ensure you have read through the post guidelines before sending email to the user list.
  • List archive from SourceForge.

Question and Answer Forum

The GeoServer community is active on the following question and answer forums:

Perhaps your question has already been answered?

Social Media

Connect with GeoServer enthusiasts world wide:


Connect with community members:

Keep in mind this is a venue to meet others and not intended to be a live question and answer session.