GeoServer Commercial Support

As a popular and mature project, we are pleased to see GeoServer commercial support offered by a range of service providers outlined below.

Using a service provider is a great way to get started with GeoServer and important to the ongoing sustainability of the project. In addition to training, setup, and integration assistance, many service providers are in a position to report and fix issues on your behalf. This work directly makes GeoServer better for everyone and is vitally important.

By choosing a service provider that helps directly as part of the leadership, or demonstrated capability to contribute as part of the team, you can help GeoServer continue to grow and thrive.

We also wish to recognize the importance of local and regional support. If you are working with a service provider not on our list, please encourage them to contact us and take part in the GeoServer community.

Community participation: Service providers tags recognize experience and community participation.

Core Contributors

Core contributors take on an ongoing responsibility for the GeoServer project are highly recommended.

On behalf of their customers these service providers are responsible for the core application and extensions and are in an excellent position to provide fast and efficient support. In addition core-contributors sustain the GeoServer community by answering questions online, tracking vulnerabilities, making releases, and helping promote the project.

Planet Federal (US) works to ensure that the geospatial community reaps the benefits of open source. Formerly the geospatial division of OpenPlans, starting GeoServer in 2001. Established as an independent company in 2013, and acquired by Planet in 2019. Planet Federal employs experts from the open source geospatial community and the broader geospatial field who recognize the power and momentum of open source on the future of the industry. For more information contact Planet Federal or visit the website for information about GeoServer and Boundless Suite support.
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GeoSolutions (Italy and US) is a company with a strong commitment to providing innovative, robust, cost-effective geospatial solutions employing cutting edge technologies. GeoSolutions associates are members of the project steering committee, as well as GeoTools and GeoNetwork ones. GeoSolutions area of expertise lies in raster management, coordinate transformations and referencing, advanced map rendering, web processing services, spatial database access, vector data access, and OGC and ebRIM catalog management. For more information please get in touch with Simone Giannecchini or Andrea Aime in the GeoSolutions contact page.
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Astun Technology is the UK market leader for Enterprise solutions built on OSGeo foundations. Astun provides enterprise-ready, high-quality services such as training, support and consultancy in GeoServer, GeoNetwork, PostGIS, QGIS, MapServer, OpenLayers & GDAL/OGR. Over 60 organisations rely on Astun to support their endeavours including Government Agencies, Local Authorities, National Parks, Blue Light Services, Social Housing, Utility companies and other commercial organisations.

Astun is actively involved in the OSGeo community employing well known members including Antony Scott, Jo Cook, Ian Turton, Matt Walker and Mike Saunt. Our team of OSGeo experts and enthusiasts have over 250 years cumulative experience in the geospatial industry and Astun encourages and supports staff in volunteering and contributing within the Open Source, Open Data and humanitarian mapping communities.

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GeoCat offers cutting-edge, customized software and services that make publishing geospatial data on the internet easier and more efficient. GeoCat provides expertise with Spatial Data Infrastructure, geospatial-enabled technologies, and open standards. The company offers a wide range of enterprise products: long-term enterprise support with **GeoCat Map**, software as a service with **GeoCat Live**, and celebrated **GeoCat Bridge** one-click publishing (direct to GeoServer from the comforts of your ArcGIS® Pro or QGIS™ Desktop GIS.)

GeoCat is passionate advocate for open source and free software with products, services, and values follow the free and open source software philosophy. This commitment is demonstrated with both financial sponsorship and hands-on participation. GeoCat is pleased to represent customers with steering committee members and committers on the GeoServer, GeoTools, and GeoNetwork projects. For more information on how GeoCat can help you succeed with GeoServer visit the GeoCat contact page.

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Experienced Providers

Experienced providers participate in the GeoServer community on behalf of their customers. Through these relationships experienced providers are better able to provide timely and informed service.

AfriGIS (South Africa) has been providing geospatial data in Africa since 1997. They specialise in international standards compliant location-sensitive data and solutions. They provide web tools and APIs to help customers connect to, enhance and enrich their data with location information.

AfriGIS operates and manages many GeoServer instances in their own and client cloud environments. They also provide custom development, training and support for GeoServer and QGIS. AfriGIS believes that big businesses should help open-source projects in any way they can. This includes providing funding, writing documentation and custom plugins, offering support, and fixing issues.

Visit their website for more of their geospatial data technology or contact AfriGIS for support.

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Camptocamp Group is a premier developer and integrator of Open Source software in Europe, with a strong presence in Switzerland, France, and Germany.

At Camptocamp, we understand that location is key. Our Geospatial Solutions Department specializes in Open Source Geographic Information Systems (GIS), providing expertise in leveraging geospatial data to address critical challenges. We empower our clients to make informed decisions based on geographic insights, staying ahead in their missions where location is crucial.

The Where Group (Germany), has worked extensively with GeoServer installations, integrating GeoServer through WMS and WFS-T with the Open Source Mapbender client. They are a recommended GeoServer provider for Germany, for installations, training and consultation services. See their services page for more information.

Geocursos (Brazil) was created in 2012, with the idea of providing professional training through e-learning. Its premise is to contribute to the transmission of knowledge and training of competent professionals in the open source GIS.

It provides training on GeoServer as well as OpenLayers, PostGIS, QGIS and other tools. For more information please get in touch via the Geocursos contact page.

terrestris provides top-notch Free and OpenSource GIS services, solutions and training from Bonn, Germany. Offering custom project solutions, connecting you with communities and provide general support for many FOSS packages and libraries. They help customers in the planning, implementation & maintenance of their spatial data infrastructures (SDI) with FOSS. GeoServer is often one crucial pillar in such SDIs; please reach out, to see if terrestris can help you to get the best out of FOSS for geospatial.

Additional Service Providers

Many other organizations sell training, setup and integration support and can assist you with the use of GeoServer. The following service providers have asked to be listed on this page:

Alkante company is one of the French leaders in geoInformatics, it is specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Alkante's double core business consists in GIS technologies consulting and GIS solutions development and integration. In particular, Alkante develops applications making data capture, treatment and geographic data diffusion easier.
North River Geographic Systems, Inc is located in the Southeast United States. NRGS provides services, training, and support centered around GeoServer, QGIS, and PostGIS/PostgreSQL. We also provide data collection and maintenance services that compliment our work with FOSS4G Software.
NGS is a US based company that provides custom application development and software integration services primarily for the US Government. We offer production ready, DISA STIG compliant software packages of GeoServer for enterprise OS distributions, including Windows Server and Red Hat Linux.
Gispo located in Finland and Sweden, is an experienced player in the FOSS4G field and with GeoServer. We support our customers in gaining competitive advantage through the utilization of FOSS4G and open data. Our services include consultation, training, system integration, support, software development and hosted software and data services (SAAS, DAAS). We provide training as well as commercial support for the usage of GeoServer, QGIS & PostGIS.
meggsimum - Büro für Geoinformatik, led by Dipl-Ing. (FH) Christian Mayer, is a geoinformatics service provider in Germany with focus on open source (web)GIS solutions and spatial data infrastructures (SDI). Based on established open source (geo)technologies meggsimum offers its customers tailored concepts and solutions to work effectively with their geodata.

The OSGeo website also maintains an extensive list of GeoServer Service Providers.