As we get closer and closer to GeoServer 1.5.0 it is time to make sure that our translations are up to date. Currently GeoServer maintains translations for the French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages. We have been able to so with kind contributions from our users. And we are always looking to expand in order to support new languages.

So… are you a GeoServer user whose native tongue is not English or one the languages listed above? Are you looking to get more involved in the GeoServer project? Well what better way to so then to become a translation maintainer. Heck, its the easiest way to obtain commit status without writing any code :).

If interested please do not hesitate to post a message to the users list and let us know. The Translation Guide details the process of maintaining a translation and what you will be getting yourself into. Any contributions will be much appreciated by all of us in the GeoServer community.