The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.1.4, now available for download.

For the most part this is a maintainance release consisting of bug fixes, but as usual a few new features and improvements have managed to creep in. The release contains a total of  46 between bug fixes and improvements. Some of the new and noteworthy include:

  • various improvements to the SQL server data store extension

  • snappier GUI when working with data whose coordinate system cannot be direclty matched to a native EPSG code

  • more accurate GetFeatureInfo

  • support for geography columns in SQL views against PostGIS

  • GetLegendGraphics now takes into account UOM and DPI parameters

  • ip based control and blacklisting in the control-flow extension

  • before/after custom sql statements when hitting DBSMs (session oriented sql, can be used to switch authentication in the database

And more. Check out the change log for the entire list. A big thank you to all core developers, and a particular mention to users that contributed patches for this release. This includes:

  • Lars Lingner for addding the “forceLabel” parameter to GetLegendGraphic

  • Rudi Hochmeister for speeding up the JSON output format on large layers

  • Robert Coup for making SQL views parameters easier to pass in

  • Tony Young for making WCS 1.0 DescribeCoverage support the “all coverages” description mode

  • Hajo Kliemeck for making GetFeatureInfo work properly with user defined SLDs, and for improving legend decoration code

  • Tim Shaub for making the OpenLayers preview work with Firefox 10+

And of course, thanks to all those who helped out by filing bug reports.

Download 2.1.4, try it out and help us to continue to improve GeoServer by providing feedback on the mailing list and reporting bugs in the issue tracker.