Being social and sharing with others is one of the keystones of a open source community.

Traditionally open source communities thrive on mailing lists and IRC channels, however it’s not news that many people prefer other medias for sharing thoughts, experiences, and asking for help. For example, people with an interest in GeoServer are already active on Twitter and StackExchange.

Simone recently created a new Google+ GeoServer community, adding one more choice to the mix:

If you like mailing lists do not worry, the GeoServer users mailing list will still be the primary and official mean to get support (and we very much suggest you to hang there too), the Google+ community is just an alternate mean of communication that some of us might want to try out.

So, if have an interest in GeoServer and your preferred media is Google+ hop on, if we see there is enough interest we might start doing hangouts and public presentations to leverage this social platform extra features.