The GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.3.2 for download.

  • This release includes and is made in conjunction with GeoTools 9.2.

  • The INSPIRE plugin has now graduated to extension and is included in this release. This plugin adds WMS and WFS capabilities support for metadata required for compliance with the European INSPIRE directive.

  • The application schema support (app-schema) support plugin now enables joining by default for data sources that support it.

  • Fixed transformation problems with projections based on Hotine Oblique Mercator (variant B) (for example Swiss CH1903 / LV03)

  • Fixed WFS lockups when a WFS 1.1 GetFeature is providing a schema referring back to the same server DescribeFeatureType

  • A new option to limit the file browser to the data directory, geared towards high security/multi-tenant environments

More details can be found in the GeoServer 2.3.2 Release Notes.