GeoServer Project has been at the forefront of the standards-based geospatial web since 2001. Meanwhile, it’s been some years since GeoServer has been formally certified OGC-compliant. There is an opportunity to permanently improve how this is done by boosting a crucial component of the GeoServer software build infrastructure.

Fundraising progressFundraising progress

OSGeo has put forth an initiative and provided an initial budget towards regaining OGC certification status and making automatic certification a feature of the GeoServer software build process. The initiative and the implementation plan are outlined here. Once implemented, the GeoServer build server will continuously execute against OGC’s CITE TEAM Engine test suite, resulting in an ongoing certification status check with every release.

The Open Source Foundation has arranged to submit generated test results each year to reestablish formal certification. This will allow GeoServer to display the appropriate OGC logos on our website.

To help fund this initiative, please donate via PayPal or credit here. Please consider that your contribution will make a mark on every release and every copy of GeoServer which is downloaded thousands of times per week worldwide.

7 Reasons Why This Matters

  • Integrators and implementers will gain increased confidence that GeoServer-based products and solutions remain interoperable with other software in the OGC standards ecosystem
  • Added qualification for government procurements requiring proof of OGC certification
  • Quality assurance via early detection and remediation of variances impacting interoperability
  • Overall improvement of software reliability and decreased integration friction
  • Streamlining practical validation of emerging standards in the OGC
  • Free, standards-compliant software is indispensable in driving adoption, education, and innovation around geospatial data and standards-based system integration
  • Ensuring that GeoServer remains a stable, trusted, open-source component

On a Personal Note

I’ve come to rely on GeoServer for a multitude of solutions and development projects. Being able to use this constantly evolving software afforded me a lot of self-sufficiency and creative freedom for the past 15 years, ever since GeoServer was a small software library. It doesn’t take a lot to appreciate that this has been made possible by the efforts of a small, committed, international community. While at OpenGeo and Boundless (recently acquired by Planet), I had a distinct honor and a pleasure to work closely with this community, making many lasting friendships along the way.

Helping fund this initiative is an easy and meaningful way to lend tangible support to the project team that remains committed to advancing GeoServer. I’m delighted to know that my contribution will help fund the planning and development activities necessary to implement this feature.

How to contribute using PayPal or credit card:


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Thanks in advance you for your thoughtfulness and support.

Ilya Rosenfeld