GeoServer Project Steering Committee is seeking a solution for automated CITE TEAM Engine tests for

If you or your organization is interested in this work please respond to the geoserver-devel email list with your interest by the end of November. Applicants are welcome to email geoserver-devel list, or attend bi-weekly GeoServer meeting, with any questions or clarifications of requirements.

For details, including detailed requirements, see GSIP-176 fundraising, maintenance activity wiki page, and prior blog post.

Schedule Update: Please email geoserver-devel if you are interested in this activity by the end of November, we will evaluate proposal during GeoServer Meeting December 10th.


There are three approaches discussed:

  • cite command line: our previous scripts made use of a the cite engine to run tests on the command line.
  • cite engine service: The new cite engine has a rest-api, so the testing script could use CURL commands to ask the engine to run the tests
  • cite engine docker: The cite engine is also distributed as a docker image, if that makes it easier to manage the rest-api approach 

Any of these approaches can be viable, or you may have additional ideas. The challenge (after our last experience) is setting up something that can be maintained.


  • The WFS-T tests required a database to run, the tests created a couple of tables each time (since the transaction request modifies the content)

Thanks to sponsors

We would like to thank everyone who has supported this activity via sponsorship and donation. Special thanks OSGeo along with activity sponsors Gaia3D, and OSGeo:UK for help making this possible.