Just a quick note, we’ve recently gone live with our new homepage, at geoserver.org. Yes, we know it looks almost just like the old one. The one big new ‘feature’ is that we’ve incorporated a little OpenLayers demo, that serves up data from GeoServer. And it also has a better display of this blog.

The ‘back end’ reason we’ve moved, however, is so that http://geoserver.org becomes the main GeoServer address. We’ve been posting it as our address as much as possible, but since it’s just a redirect it doesn’t necessarily show up in search engines or bookmarks. Eventually we may want to move off of codehaus (though they’ve been great, and we thank them for all their support, we just sometimes want a bit more control), and setting the new homepage now will make that process much easier when the time comes. So please update your bookmarks and any links that you have to use geoserver.org as our main homepage. Thanks!