Just wanted to share some international developments in the community - the energy in Brazil around GeoServer seems to have crystallized in some great ways. Fernando Quadro has informed us that he gave an introductory course to GeoServer at III ENUM. Afterwards participants were interesting in sustaining communication, so they started a new GeoServer Portuguese mailing list. After he let us know about this we put out a call for Portuguese translations to the web administration tool, which someone from his lab completed, and is now in our repositories for release in 1.5.1 (coming very soon). Also on the Brazilian front, Puneet Kishor recently went on a fruitful trip to Brazil, and has got us in touch with Lúbia Vinhas, the Development Manager of the TerraLib project. I learned about TerraLib when I lived in Brazil for six months, and it’s a very impressive piece of work. We’re hoping to talk more about how to integrate OGC standards and the OSGeo stack with their great work, to share more collaborative effort. It may not end up being GeoTools/GeoServer directly, since their work is C++, but we’ll at least be able to talk across interfaces with a bit of work.

We love to hear about local efforts to spread GeoServer, and are always happy to publicize on the main blog and mailing lists. A great first step is a translation of the web administration tool, we also recently got a Chinese translation, to add to the existing French, Spanish, German and Japanese. After that there is documentation and local language forums/mailing lists, which are a great way for non-English speakers to get up to speed, so keep us posted if you’re doing anything along those lines.