Since I have been the intern at The Open Planning Project for a couple of months, I think that its about time I introduce myself and what I have been up to. First the introductions. I am Ivan Willig, an undergrad at College of the Atlantic and currently studying urban planning. Now to my work. As some of you might know (if you read this blog) Tim Coulter and Sebastian Benthall have doing some excellent work with GeoServer, Versioning WFS and OpenLayers. The software uses versioning to allow shared editing and viewing history of edits. I have taken their work and applied it to make a new GeoServer user’s map. You may remember the old map, kind of slow and hard to use. I hope that ease of use of the new GeoServer user’s map will encourage all you GeoServer people to post. You will find the GeoServer user’s map at It should be fairly self-explanatory, however if you have any questions let me know at iwillig [at]

You might also notice that user’s map is using nicer styles for the Tiger dataset on Sigma. Tiger is the US Census data set that has high quality data for the whole United States, road, water-bodies… etc. This was the other part of my work at TOPP, redoing the styles for the Tiger dataset. I am building off the work done by Arne Kepp and Portland’s TriMet.

To find out more about integrating GeoServer and Tiger information please visit the GeoServer wiki

Vmap is a similar dataset, produced by the Department of Defense, but covering the whole world. Check out this tutorial out for more info. .