So one of the nice indicators of the success of GeoServer is the fact that skills in the technology can now actually pay the bills. As more and more organizations are relying on it and building solutions using it as a base, those who have experience with deploying and programming with GeoServer have become in high demand. As an open source project it’s easy to show off your skills, by writing code and contributing in other ways, so that you become known in the community. So even if you’re not ready for a job yet, do consider getting involved, since if you prove your skills its quite likely that you’ll be able to find paid work relatively soon.

And I’m not just talking in the abstract here. Portland’s TriMet, their main public transit agency, is rolling out a new map built on GeoServer and OpenLayers. They’ve got a very interesting job for a Java Software engineer with experience in geospatial web application development. Portland is a great city to live in, and they’ve been doing some really nice work with GeoServer.

Though I believe it’s closing on Monday, there are a number of jobs [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] in Australia offered through Curtin University who will work on AuScope projects, likely two of them will be GeoServer and three will be GeoNetwork. In addition, the core companies working on GeoServer are all growing, and are always on the look out for great people with experience. See the sites of OpenGeo, GeoSolutions and Refractions. If anyone else has job postings that value GeoServer experience please let me know, and I can do another post in the future.