The GeoServer team would like to present the newest stable version of GeoServer, 1.6.5. This is likely to be the last release of the 1.6.x branch, as development moves towards a stable version of 1.7.x. Nevertheless, this is an important release, as it features a whopping 65 bug fixes and improvements. Special thanks go to Léon van Berlo for translating GeoServer into Dutch. This marks our eighth language, and means we now have between approximately 100 and 6904 left to go, depending on what source we quote and how we define a language. We also have WMS point layers rendering correctly again, fixes regarding using the Google Maps projection, and improvements to the Map Preview area of the admin console. You can take a look at the entire changelog if you’d like, or just download this version and check it out for yourself.  Feedback welcome!