The GeoServer community is happy to announce the second beta release of GeoServer 2.0, available for download. The developers have been working hard to get the new user interface up to the quality and functionality of the existing interface. This release of 2.0-beta2 brings us 74 issues closer to that goal.

The most noteworthy feature for 2.0-beta2 is the official inclusion of the app-schema extension. Most people probably know app-schema better as complex features, a feature GeoServer has been striving toward for the past three years. The extension gives GeoServer WFS the ability to support complex feature application schemas such as GeoSciML. Much thanks goes out to Ben Caradoc-Davies, Rini Angreani, and the rest of the AuScope* team for seeing this work through and actually making complex feature support a reality in GeoServer.

For those who missed the previous post about it, Ben and the folks from AuScope recently hosted a complex feature workshop in Perth, Australia, in which a number of the GeoServer developers were brought out. Special thanks for AuScope for hosting the event, which was a great success.

A special thanks also goes out to users who have been downloading the 2.0 alpha and beta releases, trying them out and reporting bugs. The more bug reports we get the faster we can get to the official 2.0 release. This should be the final beta release of 2.0 before it moves into release candidate phase, so stay tuned for RC1 coming soon.

  • AuScope Ltd is funded under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), an Australian Commonwealth Government Programme.