CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship and its partner AuScope are conducting a nationwide workshop to showcase the new technologies available to the geoscience community to access data about the Australian landscape. The AuScope Web Services Roadshow is visiting every state geological survey in Australia.

AuScope is helping to build an e-research infrastructure to federate nationally distributed data sets and develop tools to manipulate large data volumes. In collaboration with the geological surveys it is also setting up an Australian Geoscience Information Network. This network will provide the “glue” that enables the major geoscience and geospatial data stores of the government agencies to link with academic and industry communities and their applications. The Roadshow is showcasing a collection of tools as part of the Geoscience Information Network AuScope is building - which includes GeoServer with Application Schema support.

“The Australian Geoscience Information Network uses a coordinated cross-capability approach to resolving the data integration problem,” CSIRO Minerals Down Under Project Leader Ryan Fraser said. “The result is an integrated Community Earth Model which is can be accessed via the AuScope Discovery Portal and obtains its data live from the original custodians.”

The Roadshow workshop is designed to provide participants a clear idea of what they need to do to establish data services that suit their requirements. “The Roadshow will showcase the integrated Community Earth Model,” Mr Fraser said. “It will also show how the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) funded AuScope Ltd is establishing an Australian Geoscience Information Network to provide transparent access to computational tools and data and knowledge about the Australian landscape.”

For further details please contact: Ryan Fraser, CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship, AuScope Grid E:Ryan.Fraser@csiro.au Ph:08 6436 8780

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