The opportunities available to those with experience in GeoServer seem to be growing all the time.  As more organizations rely on GeoServer for their applications they seek people who already have experience working with the software.  The best kind of experience is being able to point to actual involvement in the project, so I encourage everyone to contribute—code, documentation and just helping answer questions on the list are all appreciated by the core developers and can indeed help you get a job.

In the last couple weeks I’ve seen a few different opportunities, so thought I’d post them here:

• The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is looking for a consultant to provide “the development of geospatial services for species related data” which will be “offered as OGC web services provided by GeoServer”.  There is also a listing for a client-side developer who would consume GeoServer services in an OpenLayers, GeoExt, or Flash–based client.

• On Twitter, I came across a company searching for a “Senior GeoServer Developer” who has at least a year of experience with GeoServer and is a “proven contributor and committer” on the project. **

• The World Bank put up a job post seeking a developer to help them with core programming and deployment for “Haiti Data Dissemination Web Portals” to be built on the GeoNode project, which is based on GeoServer, Django, and GeoExt.

• With a bit of searching on, I found a post for a developer with Java and GeoServer experience to help on a “Weather Data Analysis Capability” project.

If anyone else is looking for people with GeoServer expertise please email and I can add them here or do a job post in the future—or just add other listings in the comments. I’m also pretty sure a number of the core contributing companies behind GeoServer are on the lookout for new hires.  Though they don’t yet have a ‘jobs’ section on the site, I wanted to give a shout out to GeoSolutions and their great-looking redesigned website, as I know they’ve been growing and on the lookout for great people.

UPDATE: I also meant to mention that my organization is looking for a Salesperson and a Director of Marketing to help sell the OpenGeo Suite, which has GeoServer at its core and funds all our time on the project.