The GeoServer team is happy to announce the fifth release candidate for 2.1, now available for download.

This release brings some bug fixes and addresses a few residual regressions compared to the old 2.0.x series. In no particular order:

  • While GeoServer 2.1 uses extended CQL (ECQL) for all the CQL related activities, it now also preserve backwards compatibility with the old CQL language (in particular, new keywords in ECQL might have conflicted with valid CQL statements).

  • The compatibility towards Google Earth 6 was improved too, making Google Earth 6 properly display KMZ files with embedded images.

  • The querylayer module, allowing for cross layer filtering, was promoted from community to extension module and is thus available as an official extension in the release.

  • Finally, GeoServer 2.1-RC5 avoids HTTP session creation on all OGC service paths, even when using basic authentication, providing better overall scalability.

Check out the change log for the full list.

Thanks to everyone who tested RC4 and helped us flush out these last few issues. You can continue to help us get to the official 2.1 release by downloading and trying out RC5. Be sure to report any issues in the bug tracker or on the mailing list. Unless new regressions or serious bugs are found RC5 will be re-released as 2.1.0 final.

Thanks for using GeoServer!