Close on the heels of the release of our newest stable branch, the GeoServer team is pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.1.1. While primarily a bug-fixing release, a number of enhancements have been made, including support for the upcoming PostGIS 2.0, the addition of a number of new WPS processes and the addition of the Teradata database extension to the release. As always, there are a great many people to thank for the successful release. Our contributors continue their tireless efforts to move GeoServer forward. Our users and advocates provide invaluable feedback and direction to the project. Sponsoring companies and groups provide much needed funding to drive the addition of new functionality.  This release I would like to draw special attention to a few contributions.

  • Rudi Hochmeister has contributed a patches to our logging system to simplify debugging and to fix a number of issues in our developer documentation.

  • Gianni Barrotta, Andrea Di Nora, and Pietro Arena have contributed a number of new WPS processes to the project.

  • Robert Coup has identified inconsistencies in the handling of URLs in the KML and GeoRSS output formats and has contributed patches to bring those in line with the rest of the code base.

  • Matt Bertrand has added support for the definition of character set during shapefile uploads and associated testing.

Contributions like these help keep GeoServer responsive to the needs of our community and allow us to continue providing a stable and useful product. Thank you! Thanks also go to LISAsoft for sponsoring this release. Please download GeoServer 2.1.1, try it out, and provide feedback on the mailing list. Your feedback helps GeoServer to continue to improve.