The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of  GeoServer 2.2-RC1, now available for download. We would like to encourage you to download and try out some of our new features and let us know if there are any bugs to be fixed.

This release includes plenty of bug fixes and new improvements such as:

  • Allow security provider plugins to hook into initialization process

  • REST security configuration improvement

  • Allow KML Document Title to be set by format_options parameters

  • Increased performance when saving a layer whose native SRS has no native EPSG code

  • Added functionality for setting return page to GeoServerBasePage

For more information, please refer to the changelog for this release.

The GeoServer team have also migrated from the SVN repository to GitHub and would like to give a special thanks to Justin Deoliveira from OpenGeo for all his hard work into making the migration possible.

A big thank you to all the users, contributors, and sponsors that have helped to make this release possible by providing feedback and support to the GeoServer community.