The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of  GeoServer 2.2-RC2, now available for download here. We would like to encourage you to download and try out some of our new features and let us know if there are any bugs to be fixed.

This release includes plenty of bug fixes and new improvements such as:

  • Have rest endpoint display a note when no rest extensions are installed

  • Rearrange GWC UI components for higher consistency

  • Support EPSG:102113 as an alias for web mercator

  • Write GWC specific HTTP response headers when using direct WMS integration

  • Control the meta tile output format cache so that external apps can drop it on demand

  • Made it possible to configure embedded gwc tile layers through the REST API

  • Made GWC “direct WMS integration” work with virtual services

For more information, please refer to the changelog for this release.

A big thank you to all the users, contributors, and sponsors that have helped to make this release possible by providing feedback and support to the GeoServer community.