The GeoServer Community is pleased to announce a new section of the website devoted to Training. It’s yet another sign of the maturity of the GeoServer project, as there are an increasing number of options for people getting started with GeoServer or looking to advance their skills. Depending on interest we also hope to have regular blog posts about upcoming trainings.

At this time there is an Advanced GeoServer training put on by OpenGeo on November 19th, next monday. It will be conducted over the web, in a three hour interactive session, so anyone can join. The class will assume basic knowledge of GeoServer, focusing on new techniques to get more out of geospatial data served on the web. Topics include the REST configuration API, Web Processing Service, rendering transformations like heatmaps and barnes surface interpolation, SQL Views and more. Please join, as interest in early trainings will help more companies be able to put on more regular classes.