AuScope Discovery Portal

Do you use geoscience or geospatial information in your research? Do you struggle to access data from across Australia from Government and research organisations? Do you spend too much time dealing with datasets or trying to find them rather than doing research? If you use geoscience information and would like to know about new methods for seamless data access available from across Australia, then we would like to invite you to attend the:

AuScope Grid Roadshow 2014

9-11 September 2014

Perth, Sydney, and Adelaide

AuScope Grid Roadshow 2014 will cover open source geospatial technologies including GeoServer and QGIS. There will also be a Developer Day on 12 September where developers have a chance to collaborate with others including AuScope developers to discuss solutions to problems using these technologies.

RSVP by 1 September. Please extend this invitation to others who might be interested in attending.