There are a couple of upcoming events that will be fun for all the GeoServer fans out there.

FOSS4G-NA (March 9-12th)

FOSS4G North America is set to be an amazing mix of open source activity. Held in San Francisco over March 9-12, the conference is co-located with EclipseCon and a PostgreSQL day. Co-locating reduces the costs and provides a diverse selection of talks we do not normally get at a FOSS4G.

The schedule is up and a number of GeoServer talks have been selected:

Keep in mind:

  • There are some discount codes for Committers, OSGeo Sponsors or “Alumni” that have attended FOSS4G in the past.

  • The early bird rate is already gone (Dec 31st) but you can still get a reduced rate before Feb 2nd

  • If you cannot otherwise afford to attend FOSS4G please apply for a conference grant (between Jan 7th and the 21st)

  • If you are feeling lucky, try the weekly-draw contest for an All-Access pass.

The conference is a collaboration of OSGeo and LocationTech. Thanks to both organisations for supporting open source mapping.


OSGeo Code Sprint (Feb 10th-13th)

The OSGeo code sprint is located in Philadelphia this year (alternating between Europe and North America). If you are making plans to attend, please add your name to the wiki page.

If you are interested in attending please add your name to the list (there is a column where you can mark yourself down as “likely” or “booked”).

Thanks to Robert Cheetham for organizing this year and providing a venue.