We are happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.8-M0. Downloads are available (zip, war, dmg and exe) along with docs and extensions.

This is milestone release of GeoServer made in conjunction with GeoTools 14-M0.

We have both new features and a number of key “under the hood” changes to GeoServer. This technology preview is made available for your evaluation and feedback and is not intended for production.

Highlights from the release notes:

  • JAI-Ext integration for geospatial specific image processing operations  (github), adding direct support for NODATA in raster sources

  • Replacement of vecmath with EJML matrix library

  • Importer improvements, dalwarp/gdal_translate/gdaladdo transformations and ability to add a granule to a mosaic

  • Read/write PostGIS curve support

  • GetMap support for by layer interpolation methods

  • Stop shipping old Oracle JDBC driver

  • Pretty print option for style REST API

  • Allow environment variables to be used in freemarker template files

Also, looking at the GeoTools 14-M0 release notes, we have:

  • Significant increase in GML 3.X encoding speed

  • New projections supported: sinusoidal, gnomonic

  • New extshape://arrow with parameters controlling its proportions

Thanks to Jody (Boundless) for pulling this release together.

About GeoServer 2.8

GeoServer 2.8 is scheduled for September release. For more information:

We will add additional blog posts to this section as news is made available.