We are happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.10-beta. Downloads are available (zip, war, dmg and exe) along with docs and extensions.

This is a beta release of GeoServer made in conjunction with GeoTools 16-beta.

Beta Testing

The GeoServer Team has been hard at work to bring you this beta release.

Here is our priorities for testing:

We one crititcal known issues to keep in mind when testing:

  • GEOS-7750 - The WMS and LegendSample beans used in GeoServerTileLayer may provoke a cyclic dependency when Spring beans are loaded. As a consequence tiled layers may not be loaded and are deleted by GWC integration. Please back up your data and configuration before testing the GeoServer 2.10-beta with data you care about.

Highlights from the release notes:

  • Add CSS nested rule support

  • Add CSS rendering transform support

  • Add WMTS multi dimensional community module

  • Add WCS 2.0 Demo Requests

  • OL3 Preview in tiled mode supports map wrapping

  • Make JDBCStore compatible with HazelCast Clustering

  • Changes to WMS GetFeatureInfo for coverages:

    • Band names now presented in responses as NCNames for all info_formats (spaces and leading digits replaced with underscores)

    • Support for continuous map wrapping for latitude/longitude projections

    • Support for coverages with native latitude/longitude coordinates and longitudes > 180 degrees East

Also, looking at the GeoTools 16-M0 release notes, we have:

  • Support Azimuthal Equidistant projection

  • Implement Vladimir’s Polygon label point algorithim

  • GeoPackage can write to boolean fields

For more information about the what is included in the GeoServer 2.10 release, also refer to the GeoServer 2.10-M0 release anouncement.


About GeoServer 2.10

GeoServer 2.10 is scheduled for October release.