The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.10-RC1. Downloads are available (zipwardmg and exe) along with docs and extensions.

While this release candidate is not intended for production we would like to ask everyone to download, try it out in your environment, try it out with your data, and report back success/glitches/failures to the email list.

We would like to thank everyone who This is a release candidate beta release of GeoServer made in conjunction with GeoTools 16-RC1.

Testing Priorities

Here is our priorities for testing:

New Features and Highlights

  • The macOS DMG is now signed by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

  • Aaron Waddell reported an XXE vulnerability in the GeoTools library which has been resolved (and is used by GeoServer).

  • GeoWebCache can now use MBTiles, including vector tiles.

  • The default data directory now includes security restrictions on WFS-T functionality (restricting editing of data to the administrator account).

  • Several fix/improvements in coverage view support for multiband sources and associated SLD band selection optimizations

  • Work continues on the WMTS multidimensional extension (some fixes for GetHistogram and DescribeDomains)

For more information about the what is included in the GeoServer 2.10 refer to release notes (2.10-RC1 2.10-beta 2.10-M0 ).


About GeoServer 2.10

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