The GeoServer team is excited to attend this years event, hosted August 26-30th by the Romanian OSGeo Local chapter of We are happy to showcase a wide range of GeoServer activities and look forward to meeting you there.

Update: Bird of a feature sessions announced, GeoServer Flock and Demos Wednesday 18:00-19:30 Concerto


Workshops August 26-27th offer one of the main reasons to attend FOSS4G -hands-on experience with open source technology. GeoServer workshops include:

  • GeoTools Developer Workshop
  • Getting started with GeoServer: data configuration and styling
  • GeoServer Developers Workshop

The early bird price of 50 EUR is an amazing value and well worth arriving earlier in the week.

Main Conference

The Main conference August 28-30 includes a wide range of GeoServer presentations covering project updates, highlighting the best features, key technologies and examples showcasing success stories.

  • Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer, with SLD, CSS, YSLD and MBStyles
  • State of GeoServer 2019
  • GeoServer feature frenzy
  • Mapping the world beyond Web Mercator
  • Crunching Data In GeoServer : Mastering Rendering Transformations, WPS Processes And SQL Views.
  • GeoServer WFS3: introduction to the RESTful, schemaless, JSON first download service
  • Standing up a OSM clone with GeoServer and CSS
  • State of JAI
  • The secret life of open source developers
  • Using the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) to move business logic to the server
  • And many more …

This year also features labs which offer a hands-on experience open to all conference participants. GeoServer is represented with:

  • Becoming a Documentation Contributor
  • Introduction to OGC services, with examples from GeoServer

If you would like to attend a lab be sure to arrive early, when offered at prior conference labs have proven really popular (standing room only).

Community Sprint

The week concludes with a FOSS4G Community Sprint (wiki signup). GeoServer opportunities include:

  • Did you take the developer workshop? This is a great chance to make your first pull-request.
  • Did you attend the Documentation Contributor Lab? Join us and put your new skills to use!
  • Experienced GeoServer developers can use the wiki to organize additional topics prior to the event.