We are pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.16.3 with downloads (war zip), HTML documentation and extensions.

This is a stable release recommended for production systems.

Improvements and Fixes

This release includes a number of improvements, including:

  • New “clip” vendor option in WMS GetMap.
  • The SLD generation service can now create classified styles with per class percentages of occupation.
  • Various WMS cascading improvements, including:
    • Options to configure min/max scale denominator for cascaded WMS layers, as well as to limit the cascading requests to the declared BBOX.
    • Options to configure formats and styles used in cascading.
    • GetLegendGraphic now works with external WMS layers too.
  • The configuration UI got improved too, in particular:
    • It’s possible to show dates of creation and last modification in the resource lists (layers, stores, and so on).
    • Search filters in lists are now remembered when moving across pages.
    • Data level security can be edited in a new dedicated tab at the single resource level (e.g., while in the layer page).
  • Mass truncation requests added to GWC, and the tile layer page lists layers faster
  • Monitoring can now skip post-processors, and can log the time needed to render each layer in a multi-layer request.
  • WFS supports per workspace stored queries.
  • The SQL Server now ships with the latest open source JDBC driver by Microsoft, no longer need to fetch it separately.
  • The download process (community module) can now return image mosaic single granules in their native CRS, when requesting a single one out of a heterogeneous CRS mosaic.
  • Layer level CQL filter is now respected by complex feature layers too.

Fixes included in this release:

  • WMS legend decorations got some attention, improving their size management
  • Improved support for map wrapping while using rendering transformations generating raster data (raster to raster or vector to raster ones)
  • And various others!

For more information check the 2.16.3 release notes.

Community Updates

For developers building from source, our community modules are a great place to collaborate on functionality and improvements.

About GeoServer 2.16

Features, presentations and reference material on the 2.16 series: