We are pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.17.5 with downloads ( war | bin ), documentation and extensions .

This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 23.5. This is a maintenance release recommended for production systems.

The GeoServer 2.17.x has reached end-of-life and this is the last scheduled release fo the 2.17.x branch. Production systems are advised to use 2.17.5 release as a temporary measure, and schedule your upgrade to 2.18.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and Gabriel Roldan & Jody Garnett (GeoCat) for making this release.

Improvements and Fixes

Fixes included in this release:

  • GEOS-9879 - app-schema extension fix for feature collection count
  • GEOS-9897 - JTS upgrade breaks geofence integration
  • GEOS-9880 - Monitor failure when maxSize is set to unbound
  • GEOS-9881 - SldService failure when percentages and continuous parameters both set to true
  • GEOS-9895 - Override transformation operations ignored for bounding box computation
  • GEOS-9911 - Params-extractor plugin, wrong url in getCapabilities when having context with addition “/”

For more information check the 2.17.5 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.17

Features, presentations and reference material on the 2.17 series: