We are pleased to announce the release of GeoServer 2.18.3 with downloads ( war | bin ), documentation and extensions.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 24.3 and GeoWebCache 1.18.3. This is a maintenance release recommended for production systems.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and Ian Turton (Astun) and Jody Garnet (GeoCat) for making this release.

Improvements and Fixes

This release includes a number of enhancements and fixes in core and extensions:

  • Add LayerGroup support to Geofence,
  • ColorMap labels in raster layer GetFeatureInfo response
  • New web-service-auth community module
  • Add GeoServer environment parametrization support to Base Proxy configuration
  • Include layer name(s) in WMS ServiceException for GetMap

For more information check the 2.18.3 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.18

Additional information on GeoServer 2.18 series: