We are happy to announce GeoServer 2.18.5 release is available for download (zip and war) along with docs and extensions.

This GeoServer 2.18.5 release was produced in conjunction with GeoTools 24.5 and GeoWebCache 1.18.4. This is a maintenance release recommended for production systems. It is also the last release of the 2.18.x series, users are warmly recommendeded to upgrade to 2.19.x, or upgrade to 2.20.0 as it gets released next month, September 2021.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to Alessandro Parma (GeoSolutions) and Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions) for making this release.

Improvements and Fixes

This release improves the importer module logging, as well as the documentation on how to enable and use catalog parametrization:

Fixes included in the release

  • GEOS-10173 CoverageViewReader’s format not being secured with Geofence-Geoserver
  • GEOS-10162 GeoServerOAuthAuthenticationFilter creates Anonymous authentication when preAuthenticated principal is not present
  • GEOS-10193 Indirect imports will drop the target table if there is any failure during the import process

For details check the 2.18.5 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.18

Additional information on GeoServer 2.18 series: