GeoServer 2.19.3 Released

The GeoServer team are happy to announce GeoServer 2.19.3 release is available for download (zip and war) along with docs and extensions.

This GeoServer 2.19.3 release was produced in conjunction with GeoTools 25.3, this is a maintenance release recommended for production systems.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to Ian Turton (Astun Technology) for making this release.

Improvements and Fixes


  • [GEOS-9937] - Name of styles with colons are incorrect in REST API
  • [GEOS-10072] - WMS dimension default values and nearest match can pollute caches (in GWC and beyond)
  • [GEOS-10132] - Deadlock at org.geotools.xsd.XSD.getSchema
  • [GEOS-10133] - Connecting to WMS Service via Http Proxy
  • [GEOS-10158] - POST request -> j_spring_security_check is in http plain even if proxy base url is in https
  • [GEOS-10161] - Smart data loader missing PostgreSQL type in DomainModelBuilder
  • [GEOS-10162] - GeoServerOAuthAuthenticationFilter creates Anonymous authentication when preAuthenticated principal is not present
  • [GEOS-10173] - CoverageViewReader’s format not being secured with Geofence-Geoserver
  • [GEOS-10188] - Features templating when deleting a templateInfo all the template contents will be deleted
  • [GEOS-10193] - Indirect imports will drop the target table if there is any failure during the import process
  • [GEOS-10198] - Features Templating - TemplateRuleService save rule bug
  • [GEOS-10200] - GetLegendGraphic can fail if SCALE removes all rules
  • [GEOS-10208] - Broken link in DDS/BIL community plugin documentation
  • [GEOS-10213] - WMS requests fail on LayerGroup default style names, when used in GetMap/GetFeatureInfo/GetLegendGraphics
  • [GEOS-10215] - Layers nested inside a group maintain their prefix even in workspace specific services
  • [GEOS-10227] - Features Templating - Included templates are not reloaded on file modifications
  • [GEOS-10266] - Features Templating makes getfeatureinfo fail for raster data
  • [GEOS-10273] - GeofenceAccesManager throws index out of bound when requesting nested layerGroups

New Feature

  • [GEOS-10063] - Add XML templating support to features-templating community plug-in
  • [GEOS-10118] - Features templating add include directive in xml templates
  • [GEOS-10153] - Features templating UI
  • [GEOS-10154] - Feature templating - Add HTML template support
  • [GEOS-10165] - Features templating add Rest API
  • [GEOS-10166] - Features templating - Add CQL profile field in template rule UI
  • [GEOS-10217] - Features templating add GetFeatureInfo support


  • [GEOS-10080] - Features-templating allows the possibility to reference domain attribute in templates
  • [GEOS-10081] - Features-templating allow the encoding of xml attribute in nodes encoded from a Static or Dynamic builder
  • [GEOS-10119] - Features templating add managed support and allow simplified templates structure
  • [GEOS-10172] - Add support for GeoPackage output in WPS download
  • [GEOS-10194] - Improve importer LOGGING
  • [GEOS-10265] - WFS-T Bulk Transaction optimization

For details check the 2.19.3 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.19

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