GeoServer 2.22.1 release is now available with downloads (bin, war, windows), along with docs and extensions.

This is a stable release of the GeoServer 2.22.x series, made in conjunction with GeoTools 28.1 and GeoWebCache 1.22.0.

Thanks to Ian Turton (Astun Technology) for making this release.


  • GEOS-10632 Make sure GetLegendGraphics honors the WMS memory service limits
  • GEOS-10704 Task Manager Metadata wrong gs-metadata dependency
  • GEOS-10753 GeoServer can create GML output that is not valid XML
  • GEOS-10757 CITE: WMS
  • GEOS-10770 Support list of audiences (aud) when validating Oauth 2.0 Bearer Tokens
  • GEOS-10794 Add a new vector data source (Web Feature Server (NG)) Filter compliance level bug
  • GEOS-10807 LayerGroup with nested group POST rest op fails with null styles attribute
  • GEOS-10809 Keycloak : add support for usernames with spaces
  • GEOS-10813 jdbc config cache bug
  • GEOS-10817 Features Templating - XML HTML output doesn’t escape all html and xml symbols
  • GEOS-10818 Schemaless Property Accessor returns emptylist instead of null for null/not existing properties
  • GEOS-10829 JDBC Config missing some nested layer properties


  • GEOS-10673 Add example of using FlatGeobuf granules to the Vector Mosaic documentation
  • GEOS-10746 STAC Sortables should be a subset of the configured queryables
  • GEOS-10755 WCS 2.0 module should not use string concatenation to build XML
  • GEOS-10762 Allow enabling auto-escaping for WMS GetFeatureInfo HTML templates
  • GEOS-10773 Enable localized MapML responses that use WMS language parameter
  • GEOS-10777 Update MapML viewer to latest release
  • GEOS-10790 Allow to control map transparency in DownloadMapProcess
  • GEOS-10810 Enable internationalized layer label / MapML document title
  • GEOS-10814 Update jdbc config to use consistent SQL formatting
  • GEOS-10816 OGC API Features complex features test fails since introduction of tag in HTML templates
  • GEOS-10827 Document property selection in image mosaic

New Feature

  • GEOS-10716 Build schema for simple feature types leveraging column descriptions, when available
  • GEOS-10758 OGCAPI - Features - Add storageCrs property for Collections


For complete information see 2.22.1 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.22

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