GeoServer 2.22.3 release is now available with downloads (bin, war, windows), along with docs and extensions.

This is a maintenance release of the GeoServer 2.22.x series, made in conjunction with GeoTools 28.3 and GeoWebCache 1.22.2.

Thanks to Daniele Romagnoli (GeoSolutions) for making this release.

Feature Type Description

Building on top of the ability to customize FeatureTypes GeoServer can now define a description for each attribute. This information is used in WFS DescribeFeatureType to provide a human readable name or description for the attributes being published.

Attribute Descriptions

Thanks to Joseph Miller (GeoSolutions) for this improvement.

  • GEOS-10868 Add support for editable description in GeoServer customize feature type table

Release notes


  • GEOS-3978 Layer configuration allows admin to enter a zero area bounding box

  • GEOS-6313 Lifecycle handlers not properly called during shutdown

  • GEOS-10006 Seeding GWC doesn’t work for layers with a dot in the name

  • GEOS-10500 WFS-T unable to delete more than 30 features in a single transaction when the data source is PostGIS

  • GEOS-10517 jms-cluster classes missing from XStream security configuration

  • GEOS-10593 Regression: Creating SQL View via REST API and explicit attribute list is no-longer possible

  • GEOS-10611 Uploading application/zip to styles endpoint does not clean up temporary files

  • GEOS-10837 geopackage output fails when on network share

  • GEOS-10865 Backwards incompatible change in the XML representation of user roles

  • GEOS-10869 Jayway JSON Path libraries not included anymore on GeoServer packages

  • GEOS-10871 about geoserver page reporting @project.version@ for WAR deploy

  • GEOS-10878 wps-multidimensional and wps-jdbc are not being deployed on maven repo

  • GEOS-10890 Wrong path for the license file in the Windows installer script

  • GEOS-10896 Missing NULL check in the template backwards mapping

  • GEOS-10899 Features template escapes twice HTML produced outputs

  • GEOS-10912 jms-cluster fails to clone grid coverage layer on other nodes

  • GEOS-10920 Excel output format packaging misses dependencies, cannot produce .xls

  • GEOS-10921 Double escaping of HTML with enabled features-templating

  • GEOS-10922 Features templating exception on text/plain format

  • GEOS-10934 CSW does not show title/abstract on welcome page

  • GEOS-10946 WMS GetLegendGraphic throws FootprintsTransformation cannot be cast to ProcessFunction Exception

  • GEOS-10950 Performance regression in DescribeFeatureType across all feature types

  • GEOS-10957 Support ResourceAccessManager implementations returning custom subclasess of AccessLimits


  • GEOS-10858 jdbc-config turns off isolated workspace support

  • GEOS-10870 Allow importer AttributesToPointGeometryTransform to preserve original geometries, and to configure the name of the target geometry

  • GEOS-10898 Preserve key order in STAC responses coming from JSONB columns

  • GEOS-10923 Use default writing params on GeoTIFFPPIO


For complete information see 2.22.3 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.22

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