Dear Readers,

a quick post to spread the word about the Online GeoServer Bug Stomp which will take place this Friday, the 22nd of July 2016.

Developers as well as users from the GeoServer community will gather online to spend up to a full day (in their timezone) on tasks like:

  • Reviewing JIRA Reports to make sure they are valid

  • Fix bugs as we come across them

  • Improved docs

  • Test and report new bugs or close existing reports

The rules of engagement as well as a first rough list of participants can be found in this document; the event is an online gathering, people will be working from their place coordinating using the GeoServer Gitter channel with whomever will be online in their timezone.

If you feel like helping don’t be scared, jump onboard, read the rules of engagement say hi on the gitter channel (github login required) and help us make GeoServer even better.

If you cannot, don’t worry, we are going to try and make this event a monthly event.

Happy GeoServer to everybody!