Dear Readers,

A few words to report on the results of the Online GeoServer Bug Stomp that took place on the 22nd of July 2016.

The goal, as indicated, was to look at GeoServer and GeoServer JIRA and clean old, useless reports as well as to fix as many bugs as possible within the day of the sprint. Well, the results are not bad, as the image below shows.


Numbers are as follow:

  • Improvements closed **103 **(9 fixed - remainder failed to attract budget/interest after quite some time)

  • Bugs closed **35 **(25 fixed - followed by 6 won’t fix, 3 cannot reproduce, 1 not a bug )

  • New Feature **14 **(2 fixed - with 12 not a bug)

  • Task **9 **(2 fixed - with 7 not a bug)

  • Wish **2 **(not a bug)

  • Subtask 1

  • TOTAL 164

You can check the live report here:

  • Thanks to everybody who participated (a list of the participating people can be found in this spreadsheet).

  • As noted above many new features/improvements/wishes were quite old and had failed to attract budget/volunteers

  • The not-a-bug category is used for ideas or conversations which are best taken to the developers or users list for discussion

  • Not shown is the review of incoming issues to see which issues are ready to be worked on, or held back for further clarification before they can be reproduced.

If you did not participate this month don’t worry, we are going to have this event again on August 27-28th as part of the foss4g post-sprint. Remember, we want to make this event a periodic gathering so keep following this blog for news.

Happy GeoServer to everybody!