The GeoServer team is happy to announce an extension for Microsoft SQL Server, currently available as a nightly build. Instructions for getting the extension up and running are available on the wiki.

At this point the extension is still quite young and is missing some key features like spatial indexing and support for well known binary. By trying it out and providing us with feedback you can help drive development of these features.

The extension is based on the recent re-architecture in GeoTools for database backed data stores. Code named “JDBC Next Generation”, it provides a framework for building new data store implementations quickly and robustly. Also based on this architecture are soon to come improved extensions for MySQL, Oracle, and DB2. A new extension for SpatiaLite is also in the works.

Download the SQL Server extension and try it out. We are very eager to here any feedback on the mailing list. You can also help us make it better by reporting any issues in our bug tracker.