Remember the good ol’ days, when the only maps you had were pieces of paper?  The past is now! PDF example

Hi, I’m Alan, and I’m interning with OpenGeo this summer.  My first order of business has been plugging MapFish’s printing capability into GeoServer as a community module; right now we’re releasing a developer preview. The module exposes an HTTP interface that allows the user to ask the server to compose an attractive map in PDF format.  MapFish also provides a JavaScript library that allows easy printing from a OpenLayers map.

Up for trying it out? You’ll need to download a nightly build of trunk and add a few files to it. I have written up step-by-step instructions for anyone interested. If you have any feedback, please chime in on the GeoServer developers mailing list.

**EDIT: **The print module instructions have been updated for GeoServer .2.0.x.  Please refer to instead of the old wiki page.