The GeoServer Team is happy to announce GeoServer 2.0-beta1, the first beta release of the 2.0 series.

The primary focus of version 2.0 is the new user interface. This interface addresses many suggestions for usability improvements, including paging and filtering of lists of information, batch removal of layers, and the elimination of the Submit-Apply-Save workflow.

filtering styles

Another particularly useful feature added since alpha2 was released is cascading delete. This feature allows a user to remove a workspace or a data store and have all the entities contained inside (such as layers) also be removed. Previously, it was necessary to delete all layers individually before being able to remove a data store. To prevent unintended deletion, a confirmation page details what will be removed.

As usual a host of other fixes and improvements (over 100!) have also been incorporated into this release. Please download, give it a try, and forward your feedback along.  We greatly appreciate reporting issues to the users mailing list and look forward to general feedback on the new user interface.