Hello GeoServer fans and developers, this is our first of many GeoServer blog posts. Here we will tell you about the latest news and updates, along with open discussions on where GeoServer is headed. You will also find posts about the latest tutorials and documentation, as well as our new screencasts. For the technically savvy reader, this blog will also contain posts from the developers discussing everything from software design, frameworks, services, and of course, GIS.

This blog is ideal for those who don’t want to sift through the email list to see what is going on in GeoServer-land. And to make your life easier there are four categories of blog posts that you can filter:

- Announcements: Releases, updates, patches, and major decisions will be here.

- Tutorials: New tutorials and FAQ entries will be announced on this thread.

- Tips and Tricks: Tips from the developers and user community on how to tweak GeoServer.

- Developer Notes: Mostly technical notes from the developer community. Topics such as design decisions, frameworks, OGC standards, and various technical discussions.

You can read the About page to find out more information on subscribing to particular message feeds..

Suggestions for blog entries are definitely welcome. And if you would like to be an author to this blog, we invite you to contact the administrator to get registered.