The GeoServer team is happy to announce the second beta release of GeoServer 2.2, now available for download.

The 2.2-beta2 release includes a number of great improvements and bug fixes. Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for 8-bit PNG output with transparency resulting in a nice tradeoff of performance and appealing visualization. Special thanks to Andrea for this new feature.

  • Continued work for supporting high accuracy datum transformations that now allows for user defined transformations supplied via WKT. Thanks to the Catalan Cartographic Institute for funding the work and to Oscar Fonts and Andrea for doing the development.

  • A new** lenient capabilities mode** that allows the GeoServer capabilities documents to remain functioning despite the presence of misconfigured layers. Thanks to David Winslow for this work.

And much more. See the complete changelog of this release for the entire list.

Download and try out 2.2-beta2 today. You can help us get closer to the official 2.2 release by reporting issues in the bug tracker and on the mailing list.

Thanks for supporting GeoServer!