We are happy to announce GeoServer 2.20.6 release is available with downloads (bin, war, windows), along with docs and extensions.

This is the last planned maintenance release for the 2.20.x series, please consider upgrading to the 2.21.x series. This release was made in conjunction with GeoTools 26.6 and GeoWebCache 1.20.4.

Improvements and Fixes

  • It’s now possible to use the REST API to reset caches for a single store or a single layer.
  • GeoFence role filtering was improved.
  • OSHI was updated to allow gathering OS statistics on Apple M2 as well.
  • Assorted small improvements to the status page.
  • An infinite recursion in GWC transparent integration with WMS was spotted and fixed (affected vector tiles and layers with a meta-tiling factor of 1, when the “TILED” parameter was turned off).
  • The GWC module was split so that its REST API can be excluded (for completely headless installs).

For the full list of fixes and improvements, see 2.20.6 release notes.

About GeoServer 2.20

Additional information on GeoServer 2.20 series:

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