Last week AuScope hosted a GeoServer app-schema meeting in Perth, Western Australia, to bring together developers, information modellers, and users:

The meeting was attended by Jody Garnett, GeoServer developers Justin Deoliveira and Gabriel Roldán from OpenGeo, AuScope Spatial Information Services Stack developers, GeoSciML gurus, and AuScope participants including GeoScience Victoria, Geoscience Australia, and Landgate. Discussions included the history of GeoServer app-schema, background on AuScope, user perspectives, and future development priorities.

Future development options that received support included:

  • Graphical configuration for app-schema (Wicket UI)

  • Support for polymorphism in encoded app-schema XML

  • 3D geometry support

  • GML 3.2

  • WFS 2.0

and more. See the minutes for details:

The developers stayed on for a code sprint and:

  • Implemented vocabulary operations in CQL

  • Got GeoServer app-schema working with an ArcSDE backend

  • Got GeoServer WMS working with a simple feature WFS backend

  • Demonstrated encoding failure of ISO 19107 geometries (3D support)

  • Debated polymorphism implementation approaches

  • Wrapped Justin in org.geotools.xml.Encoder

AuScope thanks all the participants, especially Jody who helped organise the meeting, and the international visitors Justin and Gabriel who travelled from North and South America respectively. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.