Day 1 Quality Assurance

Thanks to the foss4g and WhereCampPDX for

Automated Testing with CITE Team Engine

Andrea and Justin have lead the charge updating the GeoServer CITE tests (see Cite Sprint).

The goals are initially modest: enable developers (other than Justin) to setup and run CITE tests.

Justin is working on updating our “easy to use” CITE test harness build, while the others are hitting the latest version of the CITE tests and checking both ends, tests and GeoServer, for errors (and finding issues on both sides): Andrea Aime is working WCS tests, Mauro Bartolomeoli on the WFS ones, Jared Erickson and Brad Hards on the WMS ones.

GeoServer Manual Testing with 2.6 Nightly

Our plea to test 2.6-RC1 was not incredibly successful, so we are in for a bit of manual testing:

Thanks: Cristiane Andrioli, Flavio Conde, Ivan Martinez

Random fixes:

  • Update link for nightly release (Jody)

  • Nightly build is running again (Justin)

  • Documentation for weather symbols, custom WKT symbols, bulk custom WKT geometry

  • Testing of marlin, install instructions, package as geoserver extensions (Chris Marx, Ian Turton)

  • Testing Oracle+Curved test (Ian Turton)

GeoServer Day 2

If you would like to join us tomorrow:

  • Sunday, September 14th: Boundless is arranging facilities at nedspace from 10am-4pm.