Are you or your organization serving data publicly via GeoServer?  Would you like this data to be searchable via Google Maps?

At OpenGeo we are testing out new “geo search” functionality in GeoServer.  We believe this is the future of finding geospatial information on the web.  While still in development, this functionality will be available to all in GeoServer 1.7.2 when it is released.

We have a sample of a search in Google Maps that brings up data served by GeoServer.  (You can click on the blue markers to see information about the data set.)

We are very interested in working with organizations with public data to help test this.  We are willing to donate resources to help configure your servers so that your public-facing data can become even more accessible.  When we announce this functionality to the world, your geospatial information will be prominently featured.

If you are interested please email me: mike AT opengeo DOT org.