As many may know GeoServer is one of the many open source projects involved in this years Google Summer of Code initiative. We are very pleased to announce that two GeoServer based projects were accepted and would like to congratulate those students who submitted proposals on a job well done.

Christopher Whitney will be working on a Java port of the popular TileCache library written in Python. This is an exciting project for GeoServer as the topic of tile caching has become a very hot one these days. A port of TileCache to Java will allow for tight integration of a tile cache directly into GeoServer so tile caching can be acheived out of the box without the need to set up an external tiling server.

Anthony Manfredi will be creating a style editor for GeoServer which will allow users to directly edit SLD documents from the GeoServer web interface. A styling component directly integrated into the web ui is something everyone has wanted for quite some time and will a long way in terms of usability.

So a warm welcome to the community for both Christopher and Anthony, we look forward to having you with us this summer!