The GeoServer community was out in force at FOSS4G.

GeoServer Workshops

GeoServer was well represented at a range of workshops:

  • W17: A complete open source web mapping stack (Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite): Jeffrey Johnson (Boundless)

  • W18: Introduction to Mobile Web Development Using FOSS4G: Krisztian Olle (Envitia)

  • W5: OGC services with GeoServer: from journeyman to master: Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions), Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions)

  • W19: Introduction To High Availability Clusters With GeoServer And GeoWebCache: Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions S.A.S.)

  • W20: SpatioTemporal Data Handling With GeoServer: An Introduction With Examples For MetOc And Remote Sensing Data For WMS And WCS: Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions S.A.S.)

  • W23: WPS With GeoServer: Tom Kunicki (Boundless)

Highlights, Notes and Quotes:

  • Andrea talking off the cuff for 30 mins (with Jody offering live whiteboard slides) while waiting for the overhead projector to be fixed.

  • Workshops are the highlight of foss4g!

GeoServer Presentations

We had a strong GeoServer thread on the second day, and a smattering of coverage throughout the conference.

The big news was the live release of GeoServer 2.4.0 during the State of GeoServer presentation. Thanks to Andrea and Jody for representing the team with an entertaining, if fast paced, presentation.

A quick shout out to elgeo and locationtech for capturing both the slides and recording the sessions from FOSS4G 2013.

Highlights, Notes and Quotes:

  • Members of the audience performing a GeoServer cloud deploy while waiting for the State of GeoServer talk

  • Q: When is 2.4.0 being released

  • A: Now!

  • Q: What are your plans for GeoServer 3 A: We would only make a GeoServer 3 if we have to break backwards compatibility. The team is doing an excellent job and I hope, for our customers, that we are never forced to make a GeoServer 3.0 release.

  • Q: Who is  is that person with Andrea? A project manager or something? A: ….

Code Sprint

Niels, in addition to being charming, was the force behind this years GeoServer code sprint.

As per ourinterview with Frank translation has been a great community priority. One of the steps to getting the imported module ready for use as an extension is to make sure it is ready to be translated. Niels had just finished the CSW admin page and hit the ground running. With a bit of help from Ian Turton, the team was able to get a pull request done during the code sprint.

One of the best ways to thank the code sprint team is to dive in and translate this new functionality, and sure enough when I checked this work is quickly getting done.

Thanks Niels, Ian and crew! I hope to see more GeoServer developers at FOSS4G Portland!