A quick message for all those who have been asking - I have started the GeoServer 2.8 release process but have run into a snag. The repo.boundlessgeo.com maven repository has been slowed down due to increased network traffic. We are setting up a replacement (cloud hosted which will allow allow more developers to manage).

What I would like to ask is for developers to try it out by adding the following to maven settings.xml:

      <name>Boundless Cloud Repository</name>

Please try the above and report back to geoserver-devel, and we can cut over to the new repository tomorrow.

Thank you for your assistance, and please accept our apologies for the delay in releasing 2.8.0.

Update: We have now migrated to the new repository.

Maven Developers

For developers using maven to depend on geoserver jars (for those running a custom geoserver build) please note that we have now migrated to the new repository.

The repository details have not changed:

   <name>Boundless Maven Repository</name>

The exception is for projects (such as GeoWebCache, GeoFence, GeoScript) that deploy artifacts. We ask you to change your distributionManagement section to the following:

   <name>Boundless Release Repository</name>
   <name>Boundless Snapshot Repository</name>

Contact geoserver-devel if you have any questions.